design assistance

Design assistance enhances the design and construction process by thorough data acquisition and technical insight. These services include pre-engineering surveys and design reviews.

During the Design Period of a renovation project, it may prove difficult to obtain all of the relevant data pertaining to the existing systems and their performance. Pre-engineering surveys help to fill the gap, allowing the design professional to make more informed decisions. During this process, the TAB technician(s) will take a “snap-shot” of the systems’ performance under the current conditions. Generally, surveys take an observe-and-report approach and do not include adjustments to the system.

GAC tailors each survey based on the needs communicated by the design professional. However, survey reports often include air and hydronic flow measurements, coil performance data, the existing system’s nameplate information (manufacturer, model number, etc.), and a general system condition narrative. Diagrammatic system sketches are also available upon request.

Design Reviews assist the design and construction team by providing specialized perspective. HVAC systems are often complex and highly detailed. As a result, a fresh set of eyes can be of great benefit. Design Reviews seek to improve the Quality Assurance process in the earlier stages of a project, when potential improvements are less cost prohibitive. Design Reviews range from informal discussions to official Contract Document Examination Reports.